Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the ideal candidate for a Schakolad Chocolate Factory franchise? Schakolad is a hands-on business, both inside and outside the store. A successful owner understands and is committed to superior customer service, interacting within the community and an owner/operator mentality. Owners should be outgoing, driven to succeed and detail oriented. Our corporate strategy targets six markets, so it is important that owners should either have experience in, or have a natural ability for, marketing and sales. The optimal balance is 50% of time spent in the retail store and 50% outside the store on marketing or sales calls.

What is the ideal location?
An integral part of the success of a Schakolad store is to ensure that you are located in a high traffic area. Ideal locations would be on the main street – a walking/shopping in small towns, outdoor shopping/lifestyle centers and high-profile grocery-anchored community shopping centers, Parking/Access Convenience and Visibility are essential for both new and return customers.

Typical stores range between 1,200 and 1,600 sq. feet. In some special locations they might be smaller. Many Schakolad stores offer our specialty coffee beverages, Schako Latte™ (chocolate drinks made with real chocolate), the Schakolad Fondue Fountain experience and fresh gelato that comes in up to six flavors. Our handmade chocolate, beverages and gelato prove to be a great combination - drawing customers throughout the day and into the early evening.

We do recommend creating a comfortable seating area with café tables and/or elegant sofas which make it more attractive for customers to spend more time in the store enjoying the Schakolad experience.

Will I be successful in this business?
Success is relative and personal and we do not make any claims on how much income this business can generate, however, Schakolad Chocolate Factory provides the following System for Success:

Schakolad provides franchisees with two levels of outstanding support:

Before you open the store we provide you with:

Selecting a Location: We provide you with recommended guidelines for selection and are available to assist in lease negotiations.

Operation’s Manual: We have designed a comprehensive Operation’s Manual which will prove to be your right-hand guide to production, operation and marketing. Updates are added on a regular basis.

Store Layout: We will provide you with a store layout, design and help you negotiate with a local general contractor for the construction of the store.

Pre-Opening Advertising/Marketing: We provide you with a check-list of marketing strategies to “get the word out” prior to you opening your doors. The Grand Opening Package comes in the form of custom signage, flyers, ads, radio promotion and invitations for your Grand Opening.

Training: Our training is extensive. One week of training at our Corporate Headquarters and One week at your store location. While at your location, we will also train your staff.

After you open the store we will provide you with:

Support: The Schakolad promise is that we are available to you 24/7 for questions, suggestions or advice.

Research and Development: As part of our system you will benefit from the relationships that we have with our vendors and the new products that we test and put on to market. Our standards are extremely high – you can be confident that we have done due diligence to ensure that you get the best products, services available.

Communications: Our internal intranet communications system is a way of allowing us to share up-to-the minute information with the franchise body. It also increases your opportunity for success by allowing you to share and interact with other owners on a daily basis.

Are you opening stores all over the U.S.?
We are expanding in specific states. Please look at the current locations to see the territories we wish to expand in. We will keep information on all applications of states not mentioned above and will make contact once we begin expanding in those states.

What is the next step?
Please fill out the Request Information form so that we may contact you within 24 hours.



Cost to open a Schakolad Chocolate Factory store:

The complete cost to open a Schakolad Chocolate Factory store is $130,000-$170,000 (depending on the location) and it includes the franchise fee. You will receive over 65 years of experience in the chocolate business, license to use the Schakolad Chocolate Factory name, 1 week of training at Schakolad Headquarters and 1 week of training at your location, all the machinery described below, assistance on production procedures and store set-up, and future updates on new products and marketing strategies to help make your new venture a success.

The initial franchise fee is of $39,500. The monthly ongoing license fee is a flat $600 fee that increases every year by $100, and a monthly marketing fee of $100.

Equipment bought through approved suppliers:

  • Tempers/coaters Chocolate Melter Electric Cooker
  • Assortment of Chocolate Molds
  • Sheet Pans
  • Work Tables
  • Bulk Chocolate to Initiate Production
  • Glass Mica Display Cases and Matching Work Station
  • Electronic Scale
  • Itemized Cash Register
  • Slat Wall Units
  • Plastic Candy Trays
  • Packaging Supplies
  • Refrigerators
  • Custom Shopping Bags
  • Custom 2 Lb., 1 Lb. and 1/2 Lb. boxes

. Education of the trade (2 week training):

  • Training in Preparation, Cooking, and Production
  • Training and Assistance in Production Set-up
  • Training and Assistance in Marketing and Sales
franchisee training


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